With all the problems that most businesses in the northeast faced during the last Sandy Storm, I would like to suggest that you select a real solution for Disaster Recovery, and not just talk about the DR plan that you have in place.Your IT team needs to have a real plan, and DR solution in place, and should have a scheduled annual DR test, and utilizing a data center designed to continue to run your business during a real disaster.  When did you complete your last “real successful DR test”? Did your IT team conduct a rehearsal, that included your teams ability to continue to work, while understanding just how long it takes to fail-over? Where is your core team of employees going to work during the next disaster?

During the past few years you may have experienced power outages, which may have lasted over 5 days without any power being restored to your server room. Agile Data Sites co-location facilities are designed to help your IT staff, and run your IT infrastructure during a disaster.  Learn more about how Agile Data Sites can help your business continue to run during the next Sandy Storm. Click here to Preparing for the Next Sandy Storm.