Data Vaults launch in Q1 2017

Agile Data Sites proudly presents a new option in its colocation portfolio. Agile now provides ultra-secure private data center suites that we refer to as vaults. These vaults enable ultra-high density computation with ultra-high end security with a colocation environment. Each vault is protected by 8-inch cinder block walls with single entry doors and can be fitted with biometric access and two-factor authentication. These vaults can be built with burn-in space that guarantees chain of custody is always maintained for data assets. To allow for the highest levels of flexibility, vault security can either be administered by Agile Data Sites or by colocation tenants.

Data Center Baults

Agile CEO Jeff Plank says of the vaults, “Agile sets a high priority on finding custom solutions to customer’s data center challenges. These vaults represent the highest level of that goal. We can do just about anything for a client within that space. We have already seen a great deal of interest.” He goes on to say, “Very few of our competitors can deliver this type of a service. For certain applications like high-performance computing and law enforcement, this type of environment is a must.

Data center security has consistently needed to upgrade as data security needs have increased. Agile Data Sites realized early on that two needs are going unmet by existing colocation providers: customizability and control. In most data center environments, every customer is expected to fit into a single mold. Traditional raised floor data center caged space still has value, but some customers need additional security, or greater power density or higher weight loading. By leveraging data vaults, customers can get the exact right amount of cooling and power redundancy without being locked into the large-scale data center mindset.

Agile Data Sites Vault Hallway
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