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This may sound a little harsh, but the fact is, it’s your fault if you were hacked. That’s not to excuse for the hackers. They broke the law. But someone in your organization made a mistake that allowed the hack to take place. Maybe they bought the wrong software. Maybe they didn’t run the most recent update. Maybe they had not performed threat analysis on the systems. Or maybe they left a laptop on the subway.
It may be unpleasant to blame yourself. Hey, I understand. Nobody wants to admit that they are culpable. In fact, there are times when something unforeseeable happens, like a kernel level attack on your servers. Your people could not possibly be dismantling the code to that level to look at threat vectors. I get it. It’s impossible.
But you have to realize that 99% of the time it isn’t the technology that’s the problem. It is your employees. From disgruntled employees “leaking” information to lazy employees leaving a password on their desk for all to see.
If you have ever heard the name Frank Abignale, you would understand what I am saying. He was the subject of the movie Catch Me if You Can. In the sixties he was the single most effective con-man in the world. The reason he was so effective? Mostly charm. People liked him so they would voluntarily give him information. He took advantage of the very best instincts of team players: help people. The exact personality that might make a good employee might also make a terrible security liability if you are not careful.
According to Abignale who was quoted in a recent piece in Ars Technica, “All breaches happen because people make them happen, not because hackers do it. Every breach occurs because someone in that company did something they weren’t supposed to do, or somebody in that company failed to do something they were supposed to do.”
It is a simple fact that the biggest security hole in any business usually has a badge with your company’s logo on it. At Agile Data Sites, we have a mantra: “do it right every time.” Security is not a one-off occurrance. It is something that requires constant committment and resolve from everyone in the organization.
So don’t just blame the hackers (though you can blame them too). Look in the mirror for a second and ask yourself what each of your employees is doing with your information. Is it sitting somewhere unencrypted?
We think you would be better off putting your data in a secure, monitored 24/7 data center like Agile Data Sites. The more that resides on a laptop, the more opportunity there is for someone to leave it on the subway.