Private Cloud Services For Health Care Companies

Health care companies are turning to hosted private cloud offerings to give them flexibility and peace of mind as their IT needs expand. Agile Data Sites can meet those needs with high quality network integration and managed hosting services.

hosted private cloud

We can provide a seamless integration from on-premise healthcare data centers to hosted private cloud services

It’s tough to be a doctor, but it’s even tougher to be a hospital. Healthcare providers are under unbelievable pressures to keep costs down yet unlike most companies, lives are literally on the line. Downtime cannot be the cause of a degradation of patient care. But hospital data centers are often stretched thin as they expand over the years to house more and more medical records and patient data. Coupled with HIPAA requirements the data demands are ballooning seemingly exponentially. Many healthcare providers are struggling to meet those demands. It is tempting to move to a cloud offering but the public cloud does not offer the assurances for patient data that healthcare requires. That’s why healthcare companies are moving to hosted private cloud offerings like those offered by Agile Data Sites.

Today it has become easier than ever to meld your private cloud with a colocation data center. By leveraging software defined network appliances your network can seamlessly connect in-house resources with hosted private cloud offerings.

There are many software defined networking solutions in the wild. Velocloud leverages a cloud delivered SD-WAN to run a WAN over ordinary broadband connections to connect to another network without dedicated connections. These software defined networks can greatly reduce the cost of communication between sites including public cloud hosting.

Then there’s storage. It can be more beneficial to leverage a private cloud storage provider. Ancero provides cloud storage appliances located within colocation facilities which can provide scalable storage as a service to colocation clients within the same facility.

Agile Data Sites has partnered with both Velocloud and Ancero to leverage their unique abilities so that we can erase the divide between local hosting and private clouds. Now you can deploy in a colocation facility yet have full and unimpeded access while maintaining complete control of your collocated infrastructure and dynamically move resources between the two.

Of course, integration is the biggest hurdle. These types of hybrid systems are great but it takes time and resources to migrate existing systems. At Agile we can provide onboarding assistance to help with migration and integration ensuring that the entire transition is seamless from inception to implementation.

Everybody talks about convergence. Everybody dreams about a time when we don’t have to deal with a thousand disparate systems and can once and for all understand everything at a glance. I have news, we are not there yet. But, we do have the tools to integrate all of the pieces. It is finally time to integrate colocation with your on-premise data center.