Our Proprietary Network Diagnostic Tool

AGILE GridObserver – known as “GO” – is the best way to find out what is happening with a client’s network, because it is the most advanced network monitor available. We recommend this diagnostic exercise to all clients to ensure we have a full understanding of the network as it currently exists, to complement the goals of the client. Our tool provides a comprehensive look at a network’s health and performance, revealing failures and anomalies with root cause analysis so that we can rapidly move toward solutions. This is powered by AGILE GO’s Leading Indicator Technology (LIT) – a massive, intelligent, correlation engine that constantly watches the entire network for anomalies. GO then alerts our clients – and us – before network outages occur with the active intelligence engine.

AGILE GO shows us – and our clients – gaps that might be imperceptible through typical monitoring activities. Once these gaps are identified, we immediately begin providing the client with solutions to help address weaknesses before they cause larger issues for the enterprise.

Our full-service network management framework becomes your NOC staffing and monitors continuously. It alerts our clients and us of weaknesses and/or intrusions, enabling us to predict and therefore avoid outages down the road.

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What makes AGILE GO different?

What differentiates AGILE GO is the vantage point – it helps our clients look forward and not just backward. Most network monitoring systems are used to look back at why something went wrong. AGILE GO is built from the ground up to proactively watch the physical aspects of the network, and to model the deep physical and operational interrelationships of network elements in a way that is forward-looking. Simply stated, go watches little bits of information that other monitoring systems miss. GO was designed to use this added knowledge systematically, finding true insight and value that helps clients avoid problems before they even occur.