Can You See Into the Future? If Not, Your NOC May be Lagging Behind.

Your business is running smoothly. Growing, even. Congratulations. Feels good, right? Now you just have to maintain the status quo. Some challenges are unavoidable – they just happen. You might be a great problem solver but – let’s be honest – a business is easier to run without problems. If only you had a crystal ball to look ahead into the future. Wouldn’t you love to know what’s coming and be able to get ahead of it?

Watch Out, There’s Trouble Ahead.

An IT outage will disrupt your users, customers…and ultimately, your cash flow. In order to ensure that your network stays up and running, someone – or something – has to be watching. For many organizations, this set of eyes lives in the Network Operations Center, or ‘NOC’ – where rapid analysis of the impact of an outage tells the NOC engineers and technicians how urgent a situation is. Depending on the problem at hand, the plan of action can vary greatly. A low priority network switch can be addressed tomorrow. However, if an essential element suddenly fails, the consequences can be significant. In this case, an outage might be unavoidable, so the focus is on immediate action to restore performance.

This is why a NOC is a critical element to your overall infrastructure strategy. With user demand so high and running on a 24/7/365 clock, downtime is the enemy of your success. Having a NOC within your organization is a luxury that many organizations can no longer sustain. Third party solutions can help to fill this need at a lower cost and with less complexity than staffing the NOC in-house.

“We strongly recommend that every organization implement a Network Operations Center. Outages are no longer something that can be tolerated over long periods. Organizations must stay on top of problems and respond rapidly to address them,” emphasizes Jeff Blank, Chief Technology Officer at AGILE. “Active network monitoring, whether in-house or through an outsourced solution, is a minimum requirement.”

But is a group of people examining the past and trying to fix problems going to deliver the uptime that you need? Lagging indicators won’t get you ahead. They can’t see the future. We are getting used to technology that moves faster than humans can. Machine eyes see things that humans aren’t even looking for. Just think of today’s cars that stop before the driver even sees an obstacle. Is there an equivalent for network monitoring, that can look ahead and help you avert disaster?

Proactive Intelligence Helps You See the Future

Blank and his team believe the key to improved uptime is all about seeing problems before they occur. Building off of his experience with the shortcomings of traditional NOCs, Blank designed the most comprehensive network monitoring platform in the market. “Instead of looking backward like other network performance monitoring tools, we now have the capability of looking ahead,” he continues, “to see weaknesses that a human might never think to look for.” Yes, you read that right.

AGILE Grid Observer, (AGILE GO,) is powered by Leading Indicator Technology that gathers network metrics and looks for anomalies that signal trouble is ahead. In addition, patterns are recognized and predictions are able to be made via the machine learning capabilities of AGILE GO through its analytics where that intelligence is leveraged by organizations for future planning and preparation. Blank explains, “This powerful platform becomes the NOC for an organization, and with its proactive monitoring and machine learning capabilities we can see problems before they happen and anticipate the future thus allowing clients to resolve issues before they occur and plan requirements and resources appropriately.

Organizations that have implemented AGILE GO gain significant peace of mind from the predictive ability of this technology to stay ahead of outages.

Blank adds, “Our customers have grown to rely upon AGILE GO.” He continues, “It’s easy to use and can be implemented rapidly. The majority of networks are implemented in less than a week. It becomes the constant, go-to tool behind the normal operations of the network. The more mission-critical or complicated the network is, the more valuable this tool is.” Talk to Jeff and his team about how AGILE GO can help you see the future. Visit AGILE’s Contact Us page to get in touch.

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