Windows Cloud Servers

Robust Windows Cloud Hosting with Service You Can Trust.

Host your business on enterprise-class equipment with AGILE intensive support. Companies around the world have entrusted AGILE with their Managed Windows Cloud Servers for many years. All AGILE Windows Cloud Servers include managed onsite backup and proactive server uptime monitoring 24/7/365.

With our Managed Compliant hosting you get:

controlControl - All AGILE managed servers come with a choice of easy-to-use control panels that put you in charge of your users, email, databases and websites.

powerPower – AGILE Windows Managed Servers are deployed on robust VMware cloud platforms that utilize enterprise-class Intel Xeon Processors, RAID data protection and more.

flexibilityFlexibility - AGILE Windows Managed Servers provide you with the greatest degree of customization of your server including RAM, disk drives, backups, firewalls, and more.

securitySecurity - Firewalls, state of the art virus and intrusion protection, server monitoring, and SSL’s all ensure your dedicated server is protected with the highest levels of security.

instensive supportIntensive Support – Everyone needs someone to lean on sometimes. That’s why AGILE Support Engineers are always there to help to breakdown any roadblock you may encounter.

savemoneyFuture Proof - With a Windows Managed server from AGILE you will never have to buy expensive hardware or software again.


For more information on Windows cloud servers, please contact us or call 855.495.0098.