Partner with Agile Data Sites and Get HIPAA Compliant Hosting Solutions that Make Sense

If you search online for HIPAA compliant hosting solutions, the options seem endless. How do you choose the best HIPAA compliant hosting solution to meet your business needs, compliance requirements, and your desire for IT/business alignment?

Agile offers everything you want to create the perfect hosting solution that meets or exceeds your needs and is HIPAA compliant.

Here is what makes Agile stand out from the rest.

Why Choose Agile

  1. We're EHNAC accredited. This is the industry standard for ensuring a hosting solution provider is truly HIPAA compliant. To learn more about EHNAC accreditation, visit our page on EHNAC Accredited HIPAA Compliant Hosting.

  2. We sign a BAA. The Business Associate Agreement is your legal contract with Agile that defines our accountability and responsibility for HIPAA compliance..

  1. We are always audit ready. Agile is completely transparent. We are audited by numerous third party auditors every year, have our own internal audit schedule and encourage our clients and potential clients to audit us themselves see for themselves how we meet HIPAA requirements.

  2. Our staff has ongoing training. We have detailed training and ePHI awareness plans for each employee, and ensure that they have continual training on security and compliance matters.

  3. We perform risk assessments. And we make our risk assessment reports immediately available to our clients.

  4. We create disaster recovery and business continuity plans. We provide options for our clientsto meet their disaster recovery plans and business continuity strategies.

  5. Agile has long-term healthcare clients. We know we are doing something right as many healthcare organizations trust us with their HIPAA compliant hosting solutions.

There are many more reasons—schedule a tour of any of our data centers to see why Agile's HIPAA compliant hosting solutions make sense for your hosting needs.

For more information about our HIPAA Compliant Hosting Solution, please contact us or call 855.495.0098.