Selecting a HIPAA Certified Data Center

HIPAA certification is a myth

Some data center providers assert they are HIPAA compliant and “certified.” Be wary of claims by any organizations like “HIPAA certified data center.” There are no HIPAA certifications; rather, there is an independent, federally recognized, nonprofit organization that assesses and accredits organizations who electronically exchange healthcare data.

EHNAC accreditation is the guideline

This organization is the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC), and it provides an evaluation process for quality and compliance of healthcare data systems and the companies that manage them. EHNAC is federally recognized as a standards development organization.

EHNAC states it is “recognized for its quality of process, conformance with federal and key state healthcare reform legislative mandates, best practices, and value of its consultative on-site review/audits and recommendations.”

Check with EHNAC for accreditation standings

You can check to see if a data center provider is EHNAC accredited by visiting their website You can search an alphabetical listing of organizations that have received full accreditation, like AGILE, or other status levels, like Interim, Candidate, and Provisional.

Data centers are accredited under EHNAC’s OSAP segment (Outsourced Services Accreditation Program). They evaluate such services as Network Administration, Data Center Operations, Call Center Operations, Disaster Recovery Services, Media Storage, Printing Services, Scanning Services, Product Development, and HIE services.

The AGILE difference

This is as close to HIPAA certification as a data center can get. AGILE is one of the few HIPAA compliant data center providers to achieve EHNAC accreditation. When you visit one of our HIPAA compliant data centers, you’ll notice immediately our dedication to measurable proof of quality and compliance for each client.

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