How to Determine HIPAA Cloud Compliance

You need to ask the following questions of a potential cloud compliance provider to ensure they meet your HIPAA compliant hosting  needs.

Is your data center auditable?

AGILE offers auditors access to our data center facilities. We are completely transparent about our operations. We make all our policies and procedures open to inspection and will give tours so auditors and IT departments can inspect the individual components of the IT environment and the critical systems in place to ensure the security, availability, and uptime of your ePHI.

Will you sign a business associate agreement (BAA)?

AGILE offers signed BAAs to all our clients that are customized to your needs. We specifically define the responsibilities of each party in regards to HIPAA cloud compliance.

Do you have other healthcare clients that are HIPAA compliant?

We serve mainly healthcare and life sciences organizations that are HIPAA regulated. Everyone at AGILE is well-versed in addressing the dynamic and ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry.

Do you have a HIPAA compliance quality team?

We have a full quality team who are responsible for maintaining our HIPAA cloud compliance company-wide. We employ certified CISA, CRISC, and CISSP professionals. Our quality team is an integral part of ensuring that we offer the very best IT service to our HIPAA-regulated customers.

Do you have a security awareness program?

AGILE offers continual security awareness training and consistently updates our program to meet HIPAA-HITECH guidelines. We provide ongoing PHI awareness training to all staff.

Do you provide secure offsite backups?

We have data centers around the United States that house secure offsite backups for our clients in real time in case of breach or disaster.

Do you provide disaster recovery solutions?

AGILE has multiple data centers that are located in various geographic locations and run on different power grids to help maintain business continuity.

For more information about HIPAA cloud compliance, please contact us or call 855.495.0098.