Agile Data Sites offers HIPAA Cloud Computing that demonstrates and simplifies HIPAA compliance

HIPAA sets the standards for protecting sensitive ePHI. The HIPAA security rules apply to all healthcare organizations and entities who store, use, and transmit ePHI via cloud computing. These rules help covered entities take advantage of cloud computing without risking a HIPAA violation.

Who is classified as a business associate regarding HIPAA cloud computing rules?

A cloud hosting provider  is considered a business associate under HIPAA rules even if ePHI in encrypted form is provided to the cloud service provider without the key to decrypt the data. Prior to contracting services with a HIPAA cloud computing provider, the cloud services provider and the covered entity must enter into a HIPAA compliant business associate agreement. This ensures that compliance responsibilities for each party are clearly defined and liability is assumed for ensuring compliance with HIPAA rules.

Does your HIPAA cloud computing vendor provide a signed BAA?

Agile offers signed BAAs with all of our clients that are customized to your needs and clearly identify the HIPAA compliance  responsibilities of both parties. We understand the importance of a signed BAA to eliminate the risk of incurring non-compliance fines.

In addition to a signed BAA, Agile offers service level agreements that address specific expectations including issues related to HIPAA compliance. We identify the responsibilities regarding security, data backup and recovery, the return of data after termination of our contract, data use, disclosure limitations, and system availability and reliability.

What sets Agile apart?

Agile stays abreast of HIPAA cloud computing updates and guidance, and we take our HIPAA compliant cloud hosting  seriously. In fact, we provide the following world-class features:

• 50+ compliance policies, procedures, and forms
• CISA, CRISC and CISSP certified staff
• Custom training plans for every employee
• Change control management
• Audit ready—we’re always audit ready
• EHNAC accredited facilities

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