HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting Provider

AGILE offers a variety of HIPAA compliant cloud hosting  solutions to clients in the healthcare and life sciences fields or anyone who must comply with HIPAA-HITECH security standards for ePHI. We host your PHI in the following cloud solutions in a HIPAA regulated space:

 HIPAA compliant public cloud
 HIPAA compliant private cloud
 HIPAA compliant virtual private cloud
 HIPAA compliant hybrid cloud  (a combination of cloud hosting and dedicated servers)

As a leading HIPAA compliant cloud hosting provider, you can rest assured that our solutions meet or exceed HIPAA-HITECH compliance because our world class data centers have successfully completed independent third-party audits. We are always completely transparent and audit-ready.

Industry-leading features

• Vulnerability scanning/risk analysis
• Advanced data encryption for ePHI is transmission and at rest
• Advanced risk management
• Encrypted offsite data backups
• Multi-factor authentication
• Application access controls
• Facility audit-ready
• HIPAA/HITECH compliant security controls

HIPAA compliant cloud hosting data center locations

Annapolis, Maryland
Chicago, Illinois metro
Silver Spring, Maryland (Washington, DC metro)
Seattle, Washington metro

AGILE’s world class, wholly-owned network of enterprise HIPAA compliant cloud hosting data centers provide our customers with the foundation of a secure, scalable, robust network that is always reliable. Our mission as a HIPAA compliant cloud hosting provider is to exceed our clients’ priorities in every way possible.

For more information about HIPAA compliant cloud hosting, please contact us or call 855.495.0098.