Looking for a higher level of secure, off-site data storage?

AGILE’s Princeton, New Jersey location offers private, ultra high secure Data Center Vaults. Customized to each client’s unique specifications, these are single occupant data center rooms that are isolated from our multi-tenant areas.  Our private vaults are surrounded by concrete block walls, and therefore are virtually soundproof and will utilize less energy due to the added insulation against cold and heat.  In addition to AGILE’s 24/7 on-site security with full video surveillance, the Data Center Vaults have access controls that are reserved for our Private Vault clients.

Our in-house design and engineering experts partner with each client to design and build a client-specific configuration of ultra-high density, high security, DC power and other aspects, resulting in a fully-customized solution.


AGILE’s private data center vault is the only option of its kind in the region. For clients who need the utmost security at an off-site location, our private, fully customized vaults are a smart choice, and can be combined with a range of other IT infrastructure and data solutions.

Glenn Johnson, VP, Sales

Benefit for Vault Clients: Access to the AGILE Private Digital Network

Need to complement your private data center vault with secure, private network and other IT infrastructure solutions? Our clients have access to the AGILE Private Digital Network, with available connection to 80-90 public cloud partners, including Amazon Web Services, Azure and Zoom video conferencing.