Carrier Outage

Did your business experience a carrier outage last Friday?

How could this be avoided? Carriers have outages each year, but your business should not be feeling the effects of carrier outages. The AGILE PDN network Infrastructure was built with fully redundant and load-balanced architecture to deliver 99.999% availability for your business. With under-subscription and fault tolerance, we ensure high availability and uninterrupted access for our clients.


What does this mean for your business?

Automatic BGP switching solutions that utilize and provide redundant fiber, and carrier services to automatically provide crossover to our redundant networks without any down time!

Below is the notice that was sent by one of the major carriers on June 29th:
“We’re aware that you may have lost connection to your internet, video and/or voice services on Friday, June 29. (Our company), and others, rely on infrastructure from network partners to deliver service, and unfortunately, there were multiple major cuts to the fiber provided by these companies.”

How can your business not be effected by carrier outages?

Click here to learn more about the AGILE redundant fiber network to protect your business.
The AGILE network is designed to protect our clients – without experiencing data center outages. AGILE also provides the data center resources across the region, to allow your business to recovery during a real disaster. With millions of dollars being spent each year in IT and in e-Commerce, doesn’t that sound like nice insurance to have when your carrier has a hiccup? Register to learn more at or call us to discuss how we can help you avoid the next Black Friday! Call 888-985-7483.

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