AGILE provides enterprise clients with a range of Cloud Services, including public, private and hybrid cloud, all backed by the AGILE Private Digital Network. With the continuing growth of cloud computing, we enable enterprise clients to operate their businesses using cloud-based systems and applications, while improving security, reliability and performance. Our offerings are fully customizable to client needs.


We have experience working with complex environments, bringing independent systems and budgets into one cost-effective solution. Let us put this experience to work for you.

Bob Henley, CTO

Cloud Services take the burden off of enterprise IT teams and offer flexibility along with economies of scale. The benefits include:

  • Services are available on demand, with no upfront investment or commitment
  • Resources are elastic and can be increased or decreased at any time, as needed
  • The infrastructure and services are managed by AGILE, taking the burden off of enterprise teams
  • Services are supported by virtualized/scalable resources
  • AGILE’s Cloud Services can be deployed and scaled quickly and easily

Colocation-to-Cloud Transformation Service

Our flexible approach allows clients to transform over time from client-based infrastructure to a complete ‘as a service’ model. Powered by the AGILE Private Digital Network, our managed cloud services enable clients to move away from owned assets with reduced cost and risk.

Cloud Transformations Service