The AGILE Network

The AGILE network is built to sustain our clients – through data center outages, power outages, regional disasters, ISP/network outages, server and database outages, as well as carrier link outages – with no loss of data or services.


Our secure private network supports public, private and hybrid cloud with superior service integrity. The AGILE Private Digital Network includes a strategically located, 200 gigabit redundant fiber backbone that touches four of the largest Internet Exchanges in the world and can cross connect with more than 800 service providers. The extended network has more than 400 points of presence in more than 100 major metropolitan areas across the US.

Industry Solutions

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Network Services

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud

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Colocation-to-Cloud Transformations

Transform over time from client-based infrastructure to a complete ‘as a service’ OPEX model

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Private Infrastructure

A seamless combination of colocation plus cloud, connectivity and mobility

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Custom Solutions

Fully-managed Private Networks

Custom designed for each client

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Software Defined Network Solutions

AGILE’s Software Defined Network Solutions can create a seamless integration of diverse systems while ensuring high levels of uptime. These systems can be administered with intuitive tools that allow network administrators to rapidly deploy hybrid network and cloud.


The AGILE Private Digital Network offers “five nines” – 99.999% – availability, made possible thanks to our redundant and load balanced architecture. Unlike public networks, our network is under-subscribed and fault-tolerant to ensure high availability and continuous, uninterrupted access for our clients.


AGILE has deep experience working with complex environments, bringing independent systems and budgets into one cost-effective solution.

  • AGILE has extensive experience in providing uninterrupted service for a major content distribution network.
  • The AGILE PDN has performed without disruption for nearly 10 years.
  • AGILE provides hybrid network and cloud solutions for any size company with high bandwidth potential within the continental United States as well as several European locations.

Our PDN enables true Hybrid Cloud – enabling colocation, private and public cloud services in one hybrid solution.

Jeff Plank, President & CEO