Managed Private Cloud Hosting

The Possibilities Are Pretty Much Endless.

The key to a managed private cloud hosting solution with AGILE is flexibility and customization. You get a managed cloud hosting solution starting with a simple configuration or a highly complex cloud. Each solution is custom designed to meet your business, industry, and regulatory requirements.

You will benefit from managed private cloud hosting if you have specific requirements that necessitate one of the following:

  • Performance – empowerment to dictate exactly what hardware you need and only your business uses it.
  • Security – increased limitations on the individuals with access to your data.
  • Flexibility -- enhanced management of hardware resources that can be deployed in minutes and the ability to build and configure your infrastructure in a specific way to accommodate applications.
  • Location -- requirements around where your data can be stored i.e. US-based locations vs. international locations.

Part of the flexibility of managed private cloud hosting is the ability to create a hybrid cloud solution. You can integrate your AGILE managed cloud hosting environment with on- premises servers for a solution encompassing cloud-based services with legacy applications.


  • Managed Juniper VPN Firewall
  • Single Dell 6-Core Server
  • VMware vSphere 6.0 Virtualization
  • 1TB Local SAS RAID Storage
  • 2TB iSCSI ByteGrid Backup Space


  • Managed Juniper VPN Firewall
  • Two Dell 8-Core Servers
  • VMware vCenter Management Server
  • VMware vSphere 6.0 Enterprise Virtualization
  • VMware High-Availability
  • 1TB ByteGrid SAN Storage
  • 2TB iSCSI ByteGrid Backup Space


  • Redundant Managed Juniper VPN Firewall
  • Three Dell 10-Core Servers
  • VMware vCenter Management Server
  • VMware vSphere 6.0 Enterprise Virtualization
  • VMware High-Availability
  • 4TB Dedicated Fibre Channel SAN Storage
  • 6TB ByteGrid iSCSI SAN Backup Space

The Additional Perks of AGILE Managed Private Cloud Hosting

Along with customization and flexibility, you get these additional perks making managed private cloud hosting an exceptional deal.

  • A secure, dedicated, single-tenant environment
  • Dedicated support team with certified Virtualization Specialists
  • Virtual layer, hardware, and overall infrastructure supported 24/7/365
  • Rapid provisioning of VMs allows you to scale easily
  • Safely commit changes to OS and apps by creating snapshots
  • Provision VMs rapidly with VM clones
  • Simple to buy and easy to administer with full-service tools
  • Customize your configuration
  • Additional managed hosting services offered for security, storage, database, and business continuity needs
  • Powered by industry-leading VMware technology

Finally, vSphere Platform from VMware is available. Boost your managed private cloud's performance with increased computing resources and help decrease VM downtime with Fault Tolerance and Hot Swap features.

Visit at AGILE data center facility

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